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This site is a Christian site, written in Finnish, published by
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For English readers and other foreigners we have provided a google-translator. Just click the link (käännä/translate) in the upper right corner of the site (you may also find it in the lower left corner) and choose a language and press ”käännä” (translate). Of course the translation is not perfect at all, but you are able to get an idea, what we are talking about. There is also a mirroring blogger-site for mobile phones provided with buttons for social media. This site you will find here:

There is a new blog, too, where Simo publishes his own articles in English. The first article speaks of the victims of religion, which is not a typical topic for Simo at all, but this was asked by a reader:

This article is perhaps more typical for Simo:

Visit the ”Shield of Faith”- website here:

Original articles in English

When an article has originally been in English, we have provided a link whenever possible and you will find the original article by clicking the English title.

The name of the site means ”Shield of Faith”. Historically, Simo has published a lot of material which was originally written in English. These are the websites Simo has translated:

Art Katz Ministries

The Inward Journey

Dennis Cramer Ministries

Happy 707

Speaking Life Ministries

Wolfgang Simson

These sites have come along 2013:

Ross Rohde: Viral Jesus

Leonard Sweet

Ed Waken: Thoughts Out There by Ed

Matt Mitchell: Hot Orthodoxy

God bless all readers, domestic as well as foreigners.

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